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Started from September 2011, Vision nursery is managed by excellent supervisors, dedicated assistants and a professional management team.
Aim of our nursery is to tune the children for the schooling in a smart environment. Train them with good manners in a loving and caring way. We care for children from the age group of 2 years to 4 years. Our nursery nurtures and encourages all aspects of your childrens individual development during their formative years.
Our qualified teachers have a specific aim to develop your child emotionally, mentally and physically to prepare for the challenges of growing up and higher education. Our play activities have been designed to build social skills and self-confidence in an enriching, trusting environment.
Our teachers work with children to use hands on learning experiences to build upon their knowledge base, challenge childrens thinking, reasoning, and develop their love for learning.
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Address :  Villa No: 1, Sector Z,
Mohammed Bin Zayed City,
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Tel No :  009712- 5518520 / 055 133521
Fax No : 
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