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Products / Services : We  supply industries and consumers worldwide with industrial and innovative products. We are here to help you facilitate all your industrial supply needs. We can get you the materials and equipment you necessitate to make your job run at ease and maximize your business. 

We supply close & open mouth barrels made from superior quality raw material. Our close mouth barrels find their applications in different industries to store liquids such as chemicals, oils and many more.

We are suppliers of plastic injection molded Jerricans for the chemical & lubricants industry, Plastic HDPE Bottles for various industries, institutions and firms.erry cans act as effective containers to hold liquids, oils and other viscous fluids providing a watertight solution.

We also supply Crates like Fish crates & Fruits/vegetables crates of various purposes. Packaging Crates are widely used in Dairies, Bakeries and farms for packaging, transportation and storage of various products

We are supplier of various sizes of Bucket Pails, meeting high quality standards Bucket Pails especially for 15ltr, 18ltr & 20ltr, catering to Paint Industry, Oil & Grease Industry, Chemical Industry and more. We also serve small packages starting from 500gms containers for Food industry, Plastic Pallets heavy Duty Plastic Pallets
Contact :  Aneesh S Kumar
Address :  Dubai
Dubai United Arab Emirates
Tel No :  0097155 554465448 / 0097150 3046485