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 Position Transmitter Suppliers in UAE

Position Transmitter Suppliers in UAE

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Fisher® 4200 electronic position transmitters combine field-proven electronic and mechanical expertise in a versatile, accurate instrument that senses the position of a device, and sends a standard (4 to 20 milliampere) output signal to an indicating device. The 4200 transmitters are available as a transmitter only, a transmitter with integral high and low electronic travel limit alarms or with high and low position switches only.


  • High Accuracy—A precision film-element potentiometer in the standard unit and a precision multi-turn wirewound potentiometer in the long-stroke unit provide exceptional linearity by matching the span of the sense element to the application.
  • Application Versatility—This instrument may be used with sliding-stem or rotary valves as well as with other mechanical devices such as furnace dampers or louvers.
  • Electronic Travel Limit Alarms—To eliminate the need for externally mounted mechanical limit switches, instruments with travel limit alarms incorporate comparator circuits that monitor the sense potentiometer voltage output.
  • Adjustable Deadband—Electronic travel limit alarms have an adjustable deadband up to 10 percent of the maximum span.
  • Compact Design—The instrument, even with travel limit alarms, uses little space when mounted, allowing room for additional devices.
  • Durable Construction—A rugged housing and a corrosion-resistant coating on the printed wiring board help protect the instrument from harsh environments.
  • Simple Circuitry—A simple hybrid electronic design combines the best qualities of discrete components and integrated circuits for improved reliability and performance.
  • Easy Maintenance—The simple design of the transmitter and alarms allows easy maintenance. The high reliability of the instrument requires minimum spare parts inventory.
  • Moisture Resistant—The field wiring compartment is isolated from the electronic compartment. This protects the electronic circuits from any moisture brought into the housing via the field wiring ports.
  • Field Reversible Action—The output is easily reversed in the field simply by switching two potentiometer leads on the printed wiring board.
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Filters—Filters between the electronic compartment and the field wiring compartment of the housing help provide protection against electromagnetic interference.