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IQAir Air Purifier

IQAir Air Purifier

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IQAir offers the most advanced air cleaning solutions for Good Health Starts with Clean Air indoor air pollution. The superior performance of the systems has led to the worldwide use of IQAir in the most challenging indoor environments. For example, the systems are used to protect patients and staff against serious infections in critical hospital and healthcare settings and to remove toxic chemicals in high-tech laboratories. The advanced air cleaning technologies used by IQAir are the result of an unparallelled 50 year track record in air purification.
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IQAir systems feature the most reliable and efficient air cleaning technologies against indoor pollutants.
Pollen, spores, dust mite allergens and other particular matter can trigger hay fever, asthma and other allergic reactions. Even short-term exposure to elevated concentrations of fine particles can significantly contribute to heart disease. 
Microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungal spores are responsible for various infections like tuberculosis, influenza, aspergillosis, MRSA and SARS. 
Pet allergens (dander) are mainly found in saliva and therefore on hair and skin of pets. When the allergens are inhaled they can lead to serious allergic reactions. 
Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals and particles which can irritate the mucous membranes and lead to acute and chronic diseases. 
Volatile organic compo
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