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Burhani Glass Trading LLC has expertise in design and repairing glass and aluminum for home, office, and villas. We put great emphasis in conveying quality workmanship to clients. Our glass specialists have an imperative expertise in installation & repairs, and have an acumen for designing unique pieces of work that reflect our client’s high standards and exquisite taste of design. We take pride in giving a better product and ensure that the clients receive an excellent overall experience, this extends from the first time we talk to them to the point where the installation is completed.  We take special care in the professionalism of our team, our time commitments and most of all the “convenience” of our customers even when the work is underway. Our vision is to continuously improve the quality of our work and the Experience our customer derives from our services.   When you are searching for an expert answer for any of your glass-related requirements, Burhani Glass Trading LLC would be the best people to talk to.  

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Huzaifa Taiyabi


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