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MUD BALANCE Supplier in Abu Dhabi

MUD BALANCE Supplier in Abu Dhabi

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A mud balance, also known as a mud scale is a device used to measure the density (weight) of drilling fluid, cement or any type of liquid or slurry.

The four-scale mud balance is an accurate, self-contained measuring device used to determine the density of drilling fluids and cement slurries.

It consists of a graduated beam with a bubble level and a weight slider along its length and a cup with a lid on one end. The cup is used to hold a fixed amount of fluid so it can be weighed. A slider-weight can be moved along the beam, and a bubble indicates when the beam is level. Density is read at the point where the slider-weight sits on the beam at level.

Calibration is done using a liquid of known density (often water) by adjusting the counter weight. Typical balances are not pressurized, but a pressurized mud balance operates in the same manner.

There is no reliable visual method of determining the density of drilling mud. A mud balance is the most reliable and simple way of making the determination.

Metal Mud Balance 4 Scale

The 4-scale Metal Mud Balance features a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) all-machined manufacturing process, instead of the old die-cast molded method which has been used for years. This uniform method of construction results in a much stronger, more rugged instrument that sets the industry standard for accuracy, and is easier to calibrate. The zinc-aluminum alloy anodized beam is corrosion resistant and the laser-etched finish is easily cleaned and promotes clear, accurate readings. This truly represents the "next generation" of mud balance design and will result in many years of useful service.

Please contact us on +971 55 5038200 or with your requirements and we will be glad to provide you with an offer to suit your project.

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Density Measurement Ranges:
* 6.5 - 23.0 lbs/gal
* 0.79 - 2.72 specific gravity
* 49 - 172 lbs/ft3
* 340 - 1190 PSI/1000 ft