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Curtain Steam Maintenance UAE, DUBAI

Curtain Steam Maintenance UAE, DUBAI

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Generally, there are two cleaning techniques which we use, either dry curtain cleaning or steam curtain cleaning. Both methods are highly effective and will not cause mechanical or chemical damage or alteration to the curtain fabric and its characteristics.

Steam cleaning method uses a preheated, pressurized cleaning solvent which is sprayed throughout the curtain fabric in order to remove dust, kill bacteria and lift stubborn stains. The cleaning solvent and the dirt are then vacuumed off using a special machine which also dries the curtain fabric as it vacuums.

Dry cleaning is usually reserved for really delicate curtain fabrics which will not tolerate high temperature exposure. The dry cleaning is also known as restorative cleaning and uses very little moisture. In this case the cleaning is performed using a chemical solvent applied in order to remove dust, pollen and heavy staining.

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