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WE ARE MANUFACTURERS, DEALERS, STOCKIST OF INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS. MAINLY BRONZE, BRASS, COPPER, CAST IRON, MILD STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, CARBON STEEL IN RODS AND SHEETS. PERFORATED SHEETS, TEFLON, NYLON, HDPE, PP, POM, PVC, UHM RODS AND SHEETS. CARBIDE CUTTING INSERTS, BAND SAW, POWER HACKSAW AND CRCULAR SAW BLADES FOR STEEL, WOOD AND ALUMINIUM BLADES, CUTTING OIL, HYDRAULIC OIL, GEAR OIL, ENGINE / TRANSMISSION OIL AND GREASE. LIFTING AND LASHING SLINGS, WIRE, PP AND NYLON ROPES. HEAVYDUTY INDUSTRIAL FANS, REFORMS Machines and Tools [RMT] is one of Middle East's Leading Manufacturers, Dealers, Distributors and Stockist of an extensive range of high quality Materials, Tools, Industrial hardware, Scaffolding that have an intensive supply to Marine & Oil field companies, Production Plants, Turnkey project developers, Construction companies, Repair and Maintainence wokshops, Medium to Large sized Machine shops and Traders With a large inventory and its own fleet of vehicles ranging from Small Pickups of 1 Ton capacity to Heavy Duty trailers of upto 60 Tons capacity we can cover all your delivery and transportation needs in matter of hours. With exports to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, India, Africa and Kuwait we are expanding our base from our headquaters in Dubai Our Main Products Are Mentioned Below besides which we also stock POPULAR BRANDS (Agencies) HELD BY US           • SONY, Europe For their High Tech yet Simple & Economical Digital Readouts, Scales, Sensors, CNC Displays and many more Digital Measurement Equipments       • Acu-Rite, USA For their Popular Cost Effective Digital Readouts, Scales, CNC Displays Etc.       • Roentgen, Germany MOST POPULAR Bi-Metal Band Saws and Power Saws Blades for all types of Metals and SS Cutting.       • Technoflow, Canada Excellent Quality Circular Saw Blades for Wood & Aluminum Cutting, and PTFE (Teflon) Tapes for Multiple Applications       • Taube, Italy High Quality Circular Saw Blades for ...

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Mr. Gurpreet Gouri

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